Friday, 10 January 2014

Flash! Friday - the one with the time travelling tree

The Truth about Time Travel

“The tree is as old as time itself; according to folklore it has magical properties.”

She giggled at that, giving me a gentle shove as if I had made it up to fool her.  We stopped the car so we could walk around the vast circumference.

“I can’t believe the road goes right through the middle!” She visibly shuddered, as she peered through the tunnel.

“You go all the way back to the beginning of time when you pass through.”

“You really are silly,” she trilled. “Come on then, take me on an adventure!”

I broke off a piece of ancient outer bark that would keep me anchored to our own time and slipped it in my pocket.

I’d be safe from the time vortex that spiralled round the inner rings of the tree but my companion? 

Well she did ask for an adventure and I’d told her no lies!

Written for this week's Flash! Friday challenge, picture prompt as above, Dragon's Bidding - to include an element of time travel, all written in 150 words with a 10 word leeway - although I managed to get it spot on! Can I have some extra points for that Rebekah?

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