Monday, 25 March 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Conquer

Lillie's word for this week's Five Sentence Fiction is CONQUER.

It took me a while to decide where to take this one but I finally came up with this tale inspired by a true life event, which I may explain tomorrow if time allows...

Man or Mouse?
Some fears are irrational but that doesn’t stop them holding us to ransom.

Take for example the mouse problem, Penny would scream hysterically every time we saw it scuttling across the kitchen floor.

I laughed at her from the start, told her it was so tiny it had to be more scared of her.

“But you should do something about it; you’re the man of the house.”

So I bought a trap and I’ve caught the blessed thing, now I just have to conquer my own fears and set it free. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Musings of Martha

I have always had a soft spot for Martha in the Bible. 

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my great grandmother was called Martha and you can read a little bit about her and see a photo in this old post from unravelling-edges.

Perhaps it's because I can relate to Martha's practical nature, the attitude of getting things done albeit sometimes grudingly!

Last week at church the gospel reading was from John 12:1-8.  It gave another glimpse into Martha’s world.

After church I decided to write some more to the story, imagining her thoughts as she remembered her encounters with Jesus. I thought I would share it with you as we begin Holy Week and we remember.

The Musings of Martha

When I wake at my normal early hour the lingering scent of expensive perfume makes me smile as I vividly remember the furore of the day before.

It had started off so ordinarily, I was busy with my extra chores readying the house for the Passover. I’ve become more content recently in my daily routine, accepting that Mary is the daydreamer and I will always have the greatest share to do. Besides I wanted everything perfect, Jesus was coming to stay again. He is such a dear friend to us all. How could I not want to please the man who had raised my brother from the dead?

While the men reclined, as is the custom, I served the wine and made sure our guests wanted for nothing. Suddenly I became aware that Mary was missing from our gathering, when Jesus is around, she usually hangs on his every word.

Then she appeared with a jar, I recognised it at once as the expensive perfume we keep in our room. Sometimes we would open the lid just for a moment to inhale its glorious aroma.

My sister resumed her position at Jesus’ feet and proceeded to pour the oil on them. Not just a few drops either but the entire jar was lovingly spilled out.

Well I wasn’t the only one who gasped at such an act but this was only the beginning.

She hadn’t thought to bring a towel; it’s typical of her to be ill-prepared. Instead she undid her hair, it tumbled freely and she shamelessly used it wipe his feet.

Such extravagance, such love. I have learned over the past few weeks that my sister has never deliberately tried to win Jesus’ favour over me, this was just the way she was. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I watched wishing I could be so daring.

Then Judas spoke up, denouncing this wasteful act. 

“The money poured out here could have been better spent on the poor and needy.”

As the one responsible for our household budget, I know the cost of this oil and once I might have agreed wholeheartedly with Judas. 

But Jesus is so wonderfully special; he brought my brother back from the dead. I’ve seen his miracles but more than that he has looked into my eyes so deeply I know he sees my very heart and loves me in a way no other ever has.

Jesus reprimanded Judas saying he will not be here with us for long and I am fearful of what the days ahead will bring. I don’t know how this story will end. 

But as long as his fragrance fills this place I will always remember.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Still waiting...

Well I did tell you I might write some more about waiting – here are some more of the thoughts I’ve been mulling over recently.

After my post the other day “Mixed up thoughts and tumbled treasure” I received these comments.

You are on the verge of something wonderful. You are ready, and watching for signs. You will know.

I agree, you're on the cusp of something, and I know how hard it is to wait and see what will happen in life...

In church on Sunday I wasn’t supposed to be doing the readings but a sudden emergency meant that I got to stand at the front and read a passage which contained this verse…

For I am about to do something new.
                        See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
Isaiah 43 v 19

“Are you OK?” my friend asked ominously after the service.

“Yes” I replied tersely!

Then the Fairy Queen (otherwise known as Anna Meade) posted this on Facebook (admittedly about something else but there’s a theme developing!)

                "Something's coming, I don't know what it is, but it is gonna be great..."

Next Angela Goff chose the word waiting for her Visual Dare and added a picture so apt it almost could have been me sat there!

So what is coming? 

I really wish I knew.  I feel like I’ve been floating recently, I have been a bit directionless.

Way before Andrew died I just knew something was up and I kind of get the same sense now, although this is something happier.

I have dreams,  thoughts, some ideas I daren’t even share they sound so ridiculous.

But just like this winter appears to be hanging on not giving way to spring so the secrets God has in store for me are furled up tight and just beyond my reach for now.

It seems like winter has lasted too long even a hint of sunshine makes me jump for joy; it’s trying to peer out from behind the clouds even as I type.

Whatever is just around the corner I have to believe it is in God’s masterplan and ultimately his timing will be perfect…

Wise words that just happened to pop up on Facebook!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

55 Word Challenge - Elephants

Couldn't resist this picture Lisa posted for her 55 Word Challenge.

I wondered what the elephants might be saying and I came up with this...

Betsy will you get a move on, I’m sick pushing your behind with my trunk. 

Yes I know the humans are throwing peanuts but honestly you can’t pick every single one up we’ll be here all day. 

I was really hoping to get back to the tent in time for a pedicure before tonight’s performance.

#VisDare - Waiting

Well Angela told me this #VisDare picture would appeal to me and she wasn't wrong.

I could write so much more on the subject of WAITING and I probably will another day but for now a story, of sorts, or perhaps my own thoughts and hopes and dreams poured out on a page...

Three Little Words

“Wait for me.”

That was all the cryptic note said.

Pressed into her hand while the crowd jostled for position, there was no way of knowing exactly who had passed it to her.

But he had looked directly at her for the briefest of moments before his sweet smile was carried along in the melee.  

She sat in silence during the service not daring to turn her head all the while caressing the note tenderly.



When everyone was released with a blessing she remained still, scanning the faces of all who walked by.

Gradually the note balled up in her hand. Hope began to fade.

She lay down across the chairs staring up at the ceiling, swinging her feet in the aisle, appealing to the heavens.

Her daydreams once more appeared crushed.

Reluctantly she opened her clenched fist to let go.

To her astonishment out flew a butterfly.

(150 words not including title)

What are you waiting for?

Why not read everyone else's story here while you wait!