Friday, 8 March 2013

Flash! Friday - First Contact

A bit of an unusual story for me today for Flash! Friday but sometimes it's good to stretch your dragon wings and see where they take you...

Thanks to Rebekah Postupak for hosting the Flash!Friday competition, please read the other entries if you've time and please feel free to leave a comment about mine.

Today's story had a word limit of 200 (with 10 words grace on either side) using the picture prompt below.

First Contact

“Wake up. It’s time.”

She thrust a steaming cup of coffee in my direction, it sloped over the edge. Droplets of warm liquid on my bare chest made me wince.

Nodding I took the cup and set it down, knowing it would be undrinkable, not fit for my palate.

As I hastily got dressed she stood watching. I’d got used to those innocent eyes observing my every move.

The car key appeared to hover above her outstretched hand. I reached out hoping just this once to touch her but she swiftly withdrew.

We drove far out of town, her internal compass guiding us left and right. There were no clues to our location; you couldn’t see much beyond the end of the car it was so foggy.

There was no sky and no stars. I wondered if there really was life out there at all.

 “Stop!” she cried suddenly. “We’re here.”

We stood together beside a freshly ploughed farmer’s field, maybe it had already been planted with crops, what did I know about such alien things?

The mist was beginning to lift as her craft landed, sleek and silent.

I never realised I was crying until the moment she touched my face and my teardrop sizzled like hot coffee.

(209 words excluding title)


  1. Cool, or maybe hot! I really liked this Sarah,very touching.

  2. beautifully written.