Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday Mixer - Secrets in Suburbia

Have completely made this up today - all characters are figments of my imagination but all unusual words are courtesy of Jeff Hollar's Monday Mixer...

Today's selection to choose from

Locations:   1) peninsula       2) ossuary        3) clearinghouse

Things:        1) spatula           2) dilettante     3) reticule

Adjectives:  1) brusque         2) divergent     3) enthralling

I managed to fit seven into my story but it's a closely guarded secret how many I had to look up in a dictionary before I started writing!

Opposites attract or so they say and that saying is certainly true of George and Betty.

Their characteristics are quite divergent and they made an odd if not intriguing addition to our stale social scene.

She is the extrovert, a dilettante in the kitchen often seen at her kitchen window brandishing a spatula, whipping up a speciality strawberry cheesecake or two.

“Betty you make the most divine desserts we’ve ever eaten on the peninsula. We got lucky the day you moved to town.” Her friends would enthuse by way of excusing her husband’s brusque manner.

However they never moved here for the stunning views or the exclusive address. Peculiarly it was the ossuary of dry bones nearby that he found so enthralling.

While she entertained, gossiped and fleshed out the meat on the bones of the new moneyed crowd he was digging deep and rattling the skeletons of the past.


  1. We all have our skeletons / delightful
    Betty would of course be a fine cook

  2. I adore your last sentence, great metaphors! Great piece Sarah!

  3. I stuck with three this week and then ended up fudging one so only managed two! lol This is great and reminded me to be more gentle and lighthearted. A lovely buoyant piece.

  4. Nicely done. I love skeletons

  5. Great use of all those prompts, and all the better if you learned new words - I know I did! And I love the skeletons in the closet ending..