Wednesday, 13 March 2013

#VisDare 11 Whorl

I've not written a #VisDare story for a couple of weeks, I'm getting very picky with my flash fiction prompts - sorry Angela - nothing against your fab photos but the ideas just haven't been flowing!

However this week's picture did capture my attention, maybe because my own world seems to be spinning at the moment. Perhaps I'll write more about that when my thoughts have settled but for now a story...

I collapsed on the damp grass, my world was spinning. My eyes felt like they were revolving in their sockets and I scrunched them up tight to clear the swirling image.

“Wow, that’s how you see the world?” I asked the stranger who was now seated beside me. He had let me look through his telescope, I noticed he’d clipped it securely to his belt again now.

“That’s my view of every world.”

“But I could see everything, everyone, it was mindblowing. How does your head not explode?” 

He laughed.

OK so that was a dumb question but this mystery man shows up out of nowhere and my whole vista was expanding exponentially.

“You could see things like that all the time if you wanted.” He spoke softly, so softly I wondered if he’d uttered the words at all or if… if his words had crept into my head telepathically?

(150 words)

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  1. Every world...interesting. I have a feeling of foreboding about this. Nicely done.

  2. I WANT ONE OF THOSE TELESCOPES. I think. But what sort of power does it give, what's the catch? Fairy tales always have their cost...

    Intriguing premise! Would love to see more of this!

    And honey, you jump on into the VisDare whenever the spirit movies ya! We'll always be here. :)

  3. This is beautifully written, pulling right into the whirlpool of his vision...reminds me of when you've been spinning and then stop...

  4. I enjoyed this Sarah. An intriguing story, with a hint of menace in the words, “You could see things like that all the time if you wanted.”
    Like Angela, I want one of those telescopes ...... or do I?

  5. Love the concept and I'd love know more about these other worlds!