Saturday, 2 March 2013

Flash! Friday - Mermaid Magic

Thought I'd have another go at Flash! Friday this week - well it gave me something to do while oldest son was at his tennis lesson.

It took me a while to think of an idea for this surreal picture...

but eventually I came up with this...

Mermaid Magic

With a growing sense of urgency I clicked my fingers and started floating upwards towards the beckoning sunlight. Glancing behind me I could see the diver was still following but at a much slower pace, lumbering forward in his heavy suit.

He’d briefly seen what he thought might be a fishy tail, glittery scales caught in the light from his torch but I’d managed to throw a handful of sand in his face to obscure his view just long enough to transform into an elegant woman and escape his clutches at least for now.

I was well aware our situation was still perilous. 

Bubbles rose from his helmet as he looked around bemused. It was almost a comical moment to see him try to rub his eyes in disbelief. He thought he’d finally found his prize catch. The culmination of many years of exploration and there I was before him at last - a mermaid!

Only now he was confronted with a damsel in distress.

I looked so helpless in this form as if I’d fallen in the water and needed rescuing.

He followed me further into the murky depths. We were almost there, beyond the point of no return. 

I turned and smiled serenely at him before I opened my mouth and wailed my siren song. 

He would never rise to see the sun again.

228 words including title

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