Saturday, 9 March 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Whisper

Actually I'm not sure if this is actually "five sentence fact" this week. I've been writing lots of personal stuff and I wanted to explore the reasons behind different kinds of whispers.

I'm sure there are many, many more - you can click HERE to read the other stories and share in other whispered secrets.

But this is what I came up with mostly from my own experience...

So often I long for someone to whisper softly in my ear that it will be alright, “we’ll get through this somehow,” and then that someone special will hold me through the night.

Or when something makes me laugh I want to whisper secrets in return and giggle at the silly confidences we share.

But occasionally I see others whisper furtively about my situation, I blush and try to look away, wipe a stray tear and put on that smile which fools absolutely no one.

There are times, you know, when a whisper is just plain rude.

Then a soft breeze blows a whispered "I love you" and my fading memories are so real I hug myself and grin inside.


  1. Hi Sarah, This was very personal but a tender reveal, whispers definitely have two sides at least. I hope that they only bring you joy.x

  2. Sarah, this is wonderful! Very moving and poignant.

  3. You showed how "loud" and powerful a whisper can be. Kudos on putting yourself out there. Well done.

  4. Loved this Sarah, whispers can be everything, I'm glad you still remember the most important ones and I hope there'll be more to come in the future!

  5. Very well said. Whispers indeed have two sides to them. Like others, I wish you the kind and loving type. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. I loved your thoughts on whispers, both the heartwarming and the heartbreaking. You saved the best for last. Love transcends all.

  7. I love this; your thoughts on whispers and their different uses and meanings is so true. You wrote it beautifully. x

  8. It brought tears to my eyes, so moving, particularly that first one. I've lived with all those combinations for many years now. Thanks for sharing, really well put.

  9. I'm touched by everyone's lovely comments - this was a bit of an experiment really and I wasn't sure if it would work out when I started.

    So pleased you all enjoyed it - thanks :-)