Friday, 6 June 2014

Twitter Poems

Over the last week there has been a lot of poetry written on my Twitter time line and I really need somewhere to store them and keep them safe.

Obviously because I like to share my writing with all of you, this is where they truly belong...

It started when a friend wrote a poem for me - Has anyone written anything for you?

And I wrote him a reply...

I just have to explain that our friendship has grown in a virtual world where we spend a lot of time pretending and play flirting. He is Role Play character but I have discovered a little bit about the writer underneath. Meanwhile I am a daydreamer who loves to write fairystories. So hopefully my poem reflects this ethereal fictional realm we inhabit.

((As my son keeps reminding me - Twitter is NOT real - but it really is fun especially when you find others who love playing with words as much as you do!))

The Princess' Reply
Knights in shining armour

Come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

And an unexpected rescue

Can take on many guises

For girls who want to live in fairytales

And long to be the princess

A poem from a handsome prince

Has to be, 
by far, 
the very best  

And then there is another Role Play character I wanted to write a poem for but this poem I'm kind of sharing. 

It fits a storyline he has been writing but the words were also inspired by a memory of a real waterfall I once stood under and the emotions I was feeling at the time. I'm glad I got the chance to remember that day and finally write about it in such a way.


Underneath the waterfall
Where cascading droplets do caress

Cool water on a summer’s day

Sun soaked skin with joy refresh

Washing clean, revitalising

Filling up the deepest parts

Making new what’s been forgotten

Healing jagged broken hearts

Memories tumble like the water

Sunlight sparkles on each drop

Rainbow crystals dancing round us

Don’t let these feelings ever stop

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