Monday, 7 July 2014

#VisDare - Precarious

Recently I’ve been writing Twitter poems, mostly inspired by some excellent poetry prompts. A mere 140 characters – give or take – I’ve found there are many ways to stretch your word limit when a single tweet is not quite enough!

However today I have returned to a more substantial writing prompt and I have up to 150 words to play with thanks to Angela Goff’s surreal #visdare picture prompt with the optional title Precarious…

When my world turned upside down I felt as if the “game” was being played without me.
It continued and I watched as if in a dream unsure of what my “moves” should be.
I no longer knew the rules but as time passed I realised I could make up my own this side.
Forwards, backwards, sideways, jumping - I concocted my own intricate dance steps.

But there is no one to watch, no challenge playing on my own, I have to find my way home.
This means taking a leap of faith, over the edge, into the abyss, hoping gravity will pull my back to earth and return my feet to solid ground.

Now here I stand finally ready to jump.
Unclenching my fingers from all I hold onto here in my upside down world, I let go.
I tumble, wondering what I will meet on the other side!

I don’t know if my words make any sense but I throw them out there hoping they reach someone who understands or someone who needs to hear them.

For me “letting go” always means giving everything back to God.

Once again on my own I have constructed a tangled knotted mess. It is such a jumble I’m not sure any more what I was trying to create in the first place.

But once more I drag the tattered unravelled and reravelled remnants to the cross and offer a heartfelt apology knowing that God will graciously smooth out each tangled thread. He will give me back what I need piece by piece, if I let Him and don’t snatch everything back!

It’s precarious standing on the edge when you know that’s the only way down but this morning I found this on Twitter…

“Sometimes you have to jump first,
and build your wings on the way down”

I guess that’s a good description of faith.

God’s never really let me down; I think it might just be time to trust Him once more…


  1. I loved your piece. Made total sense to me. And it's funny how so much of our writing reflects how we feel on the inside and where we are in our journey in life, and in a picture such as this we see it reflected.

  2. I realise this was written last year,but it expresses exactly how I am feeling now.Recently bereaved at age 82, of a second husband, I am now back in my old home.My family live nearby but they have moved on in their lives.The grandchildren,so dear to me,will soon be flying their nest.The church people have been like a warm,welcoming comfort blanket.Do I try to recreate the past and join in the activities I enjoyed in the past, or do I forge a new path.At any rate I don't feel like embracing the armchair and slippers just yet...but I must live within my capabilities,accepting help gracefully when it is necessary.God will be my guide.Best wishes and love to all those facing a future without a precious loved one.Sheila.