Monday, 16 December 2013

Race the Date #7 - aluminium

Well I am now officially in a Christmassy mood, last week I put up my tree and posted my cards, I've been reading Tales by the Tree before I fall asleep with Christmas thoughts in my head...

So it's not really surprising I've come up with a Christmas inspired tale for this weeks Race the Date challenge.

The Prompt: Aluminum (be it foil, transparent, or something else)

Silver Stars

Millie was determined to create the perfect Christmas, she may be a single mum now and this Christmas would inevitably be tinged with tears but there was no way she was letting her children down, this would be one of the best family Christmas ever.

For weeks she had been making decorations for the house aided by the girls, covered in glitter, laughter filling the house. Then once they had been tucked up in bed Millie had stayed up late into the night, stitching tiny dolls clothes for presents and baking Christmas cookies.

Finally Christmas day had arrived, she had not slept at all last night and here she was at five a.m. already in the kitchen preparing vegetables and getting the turkey ready for the oven. She wanted everything in order before the girls woke up.

She reached for the roll of aluminium foil to cover the turkey and was dismayed when she pulled it only to discover a few inches left in the box, nowhere near enough to cover even their small bird.

Her emotions bubbled up overwhelming her, she wanted to scream, stamp her feet and cry.

As she prepared to let out a string of expletives her mouth froze in a silent “Oh!”

“What is it mummy?”

Two little girls stood in the kitchen doorway in pink pyjamas.

Twinkling Christmas stars made from silver foil hung over their head. The entire kitchen sparkled with all their homemade glitter but it was the little girls’ faces that shone the brightest.

Suddenly Millie knew Christmas would be perfect!