Saturday, 3 May 2014

you wandered through my dreams last night...

Next Wednesday it will be twenty years since our wedding day but when Andrew died the clock stopped at sixteen years, six months, six days and a little under 3 hours.

On Wednesday there will be little to actually “celebrate” but the memories have already started churning, which is probably why last night I dreamt of Andrew.

It doesn’t happen very often. To be honest I try NOT to even think of him too much because it hurts. I fill my days with other distractions, most notably at the moment the Musketeers.

But I’ve written a poem and this seems as good a place as any to share it because I’ve never been one for keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself….

you wandered through my dreams last night
disturbing my deepest thoughts
I know I can never escape you
and although it often brings some comfort
to imagine you are always watching
seeing you again
makes me miss you
far too much

rings no longer worn - kept forever together in a draw


  1. *wipes tear from eye* Big fat virtual hugs. *sits here wondering what else to say that would made any different to how you're feeling....draws a total blank* They say in Holland 'Sterkte' (stare-eck-ter), which means 'strength/comfort'. I wish you lots of both.

  2. All the love, my friend. All of it. *HUGS*

  3. We are here for you, Miss Sarah, always. xoxoxo