Monday, 18 June 2012

Where has all the cutlery gone?

I don’t know why but we never seem to have enough cutlery, especially forks. Now we had this problem when Andrew was alive, I’d often have to rescue dirty cutlery from the dishwasher at mealtimes so we could all sit and eat together.

Today I counted how many knives, forks and spoons were actually in the draw. There should be two sets in there, a four piece set and a six piece set. In total we are short of 3 knives, 4 forks and 1 spoon – how did that happen?

I’ve always thought I’d buy new when we move house but why wait when it would be useful now?

So I‘ve bought a whole new set.

It’s a small step, nothing momentous in the grand scheme of things.

I found this picture on someone’s blog a few months ago and knew it would come in useful. I’ve bounced in Tigger fashion from “I won’t buy new things until we move” to “Yes I bought new cutlery regardless.”

In reality my leap has been a little less bouncy.

I’ve taken time out sitting on the “I can’t do it” step for a while. Everything has seemed to be a huge hurdle lately. It’s taken a lot of effort to pull myself up to the next step up – “I want to do it!”

I keep coming back to the conclusion that I have to be happy where I am now, with how things are now

Who knows what is round the corner, I can’t waste my time daydreaming of a new life when everything is in tune with my perfect plan. Instead I have to learn to be content while I wait and then maybe the waiting won’t seem so arduous.

It’s so obvious really and I can’t believe how long it has taken me to work it out – now I just have to figure out how to put my new revelation into practice.

The new cutlery is already in use!

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