Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Unexpected Rescue

At the beginning of the year I had three wishes, just like in a fairytale. I dreamed of a new house, a publishing deal and a handsome prince to sweep me off my feet.

I have tried my best to make these dreams come true.

I tried to sell my house by posting pictures on facebook and twitter – no joy!

I applied for a writing award only to be told my writing lacked pace – grief is obviously not a sexy enough subject!

I gave on-line dating a go but hated the superficial nature of it all.

For my next trick I tried squashing all my dreams, putting them in a box in the attic. Living in the real world, without all the fantasy  – that’s the place to be.

But all it did was make me sad, a shadow of my former self, depleted of sparkle and bereft of laughter.

So now I’ve hatched yet another new plan. I’ve been watching my gardener at work and I have pulled up the weeds that overwhelm me and pruned the dead wood from my wishes. I wait for what will grow in their place...

I’ve taken the house off the market, I’m decorating and we are working on phase two of the garden plan. I am making my house my home once more.

Which path leads to my happy ending?
Handsome princes usually ride along when the heroine really needs him, as he hasn’t maybe I will find I can do this on my own after all!

As for my writing, it has taken a comment on my blog for me to once more actually type the words that buzz round my head. To validate that this has some meaning, some worth, that other people understand. I still hope I can help others too.

Amazingly the comment was from Dark Knight so maybe in some strange way a knight in shining armour has picked me up and set me on the writing path once more. Let’s see where this one takes me...

You can read Dark Knight’s comment at the end of this post from unravelling-edges - Last Year I Wrote a Poem That Didnt Rhyme


  1. Helen V Anderson24 July 2012 at 13:23

    Nice to have you back! As for the writing award, I was told that my main character was "too full of hate" which didn't make me feel very nice for a few days! Just about stopped kicking the dog, now (no cat). Hope you keep up with your positive-but-realistic attitude xx

  2. Welcome back. It's good to see your writing again. Best wishes, Harry

  3. I think your writing is great Sarah, I'm always hooked from the first sentence!