Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Fluff of Fantasy

As I write this by old fashioned method of pen and paper I am sat in my tent on an airbed that refused to stay fully inflated!

We are away on our annual pilgrimage to Newark for the New Wine North and East conference.

This is our fourth year and I’m not getting any better at this camping lark. I still forget to bring the essentials and end up grabbing a cup of tea from anyone who has a boiling kettle. But that’s OK – this is Christian living in action!!!

However I am not writing to extol the virtues of community sharing and the pooling of resources. I NEED to tell you about something that happened one evening.

First you might like to go and read a post from last year Merry Christmas to a Stranger where I wrote about last year’s New Wine – or more particularly about a man who I thought would be more important in my life than he ever will be.

I thought at the time that we shared a look, a bond perhaps even a common experience (I first spotted him at a bereavement seminar). All year in the back of my head has been a giggly girlie waiting for our next meeting, creating potential out of nothing, like a teenager with a first crush.

Now I know it is just the fluff of fantasy, like candy floss in the rain it disintegrated before my very eyes when he sat in front of me in the evening meeting with his wife!

Now I knew he had a wedding ring on when I first caught sight of him last year but then so did I.

Sometimes I wonder at God’s sense of humour and timing. All evening I confess I watched him convincing myself he was the man I saw last year while erasing the dreams I had created.

I had a sense God told me he has someone even better lined up for me but I can’t fully believe, maybe that is the fluff of fantasy too?

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