Wednesday, 29 August 2012

the end of summer but the start of something new

With one week left of the school summer holidays comes a chance to reflect back and look forward.

There's a re-post on unravelling-edges of how I felt this time last year.

September is a month of new beginnings as well as a time to pick up the usual routine. The boys will be back at school, a year older and hopefully wiser! Oldest son will be in year 11 with all the pressures of GCSEs to come. Youngest son will be year 8 - no longer the youngest year in the school.

New shoes, new uniform, more pens - all prepared!

This morning I've had a much needed haircut so I feel fab and look amazing ( my self confidence is riding high at the moment!). There are some good things on the horizon and I am ready for the next stage of my adventure.

This morning I wrote a little poem about coming to the end of the holidays, they've been a much needed pause in my busyness but everything comes to an end...

boat made by youngest son in year 6
     Set sail
            floating aimlessly
                            floating lazily

     Time to reel my sail boat in
     little by little to the shore
     feet on solid ground once more

     A plan
     some routine
     pick up my dreams 
     and set my compass

               Take hold before life sails right by

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  1. Actually your poem is exactly how I feel right now! I need to stop these late nights and get back into a routine or I'll be shattered the day they go back! My youngest is now in Year 8 too, and doesn't it make a difference? My son is just starting college after getting his GCSE results, so a new start there's all go!