Saturday, 11 August 2012

Blessings found in the bottom of a shopping trolley…

Have you ever collected a shopping trolley and found something interesting in the bottom?

I don’t just mean someone else’s shopping list, neither do I mean those adverts that have fallen out of magazines and been abandoned.

Have you ever found left over shopping?

When I went shopping while away at New Wine, I discovered a pack of 10 mini highlighter pens in the bottom of my trolley. There was no one around to give them back to so I popped them in my handbag.

This week I have been deliberating writing a post about my New Wine highlights. I decided it would be good to write one for every brightly coloured pen I'd "acquired"!

A list started to form in my head but I wondered if I could actually think of TEN outstanding, gold medal sized moments? 

Then other more pedantic thoughts occurred. There were some aspects of New Wine I was very grateful for; let's call those blessings – but when does a blessing become a highlight? Are they actually the same? It is just terminology, one word for the more spiritual events, the other for more ordinary happenings? Is a blessing perhaps a holy highlight?

All this pondering stopped me from actually writing and I’ve stopped writing for far too long so without anymore delay here’s my list…

  1. My friend’s husband was on the site team and was there a whole week early, he took my tent and it was up and ready for my when I arrived!

  1. Watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony on big screens in a packed room with hundreds of others was an amazing experience. We laughed together and stood for the national anthem, proud to be British!

  1. Just being with friends for the week, I am thankful for cups of tea made for me and meals shared. Catching up with old friends and just picking up conversations where we left off.

  1. Oldest son helping in one of the children’s groups. It was hard work for him having to just get up early every morning but I am so proud of him that he stuck with it.

  1. Youngest son being well behaved, we didn’t have a major fall out this year, I never felt so overwhelmed I couldn’t cope.

  1. The Arts Venue, the beauty created, watching my friend step out of her comfort zone and lead a workshop and weaving a prayer, peaceful and healing.

  1. The Impact Venue where I worshipped and danced; the atmosphere there is amazing, full of God’s love and lots of laughter.

  1. My evening of crying and talking to our previous vicar, I was feeling low and he listed all my good qualities – now I just have to believe I am this WONDERFUL person!

  1. A seminar by Tina Hodge called “Taking Back What the Enemy has Stolen”. She signed my copy of her book with this inscription “I see new chapters opening for you through which the Lord is going to bless many – stay open to Him”. I am inspired! (you can read more about Tina’s work at

  1. And my bestest, bestest moment of the week: standing on the mainstage reading my poem “Jesus is an Action Man” in my friend Angus Bell’s seminar. An incredible feeling and affirmation that this is where I want to be and God is opening doors. My hands shook with nerves but my voice held as I read my words clearly.

Even after writing my list I have no conclusions to make over the difference between highlights and blessings but with a huge smile on my face I can recommend it’s always a good idea to…


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  1. Beautiful bright blog Sarah. Thank you for brightening my afternoon.