Thursday, 30 August 2012

Visual Dare 20: Cascade

Time for another Visual Dare, wow that week went quick!

I've not used the picture prompt this week just the word "cascade" as inspiration for my writing.

Gnarled hands held the moneybag tightly, a twisted knot of last hope. With shuffling steps she reached the prime spot, face to face with her nemesis.

Awkwardly she took out a shiny silver coin and offered it.

There was no satisfaction. Her adversary extorted more, unashamedly trading for false promises.

She brought the last silver piece to her pursed lips and left a trace of Ruby Sunset.  A kiss for that elusive thing called “luck”.

Breath held expectantly, waiting for the last click of the wheel.

A shining cascade tumbled. 

She could almost taste her next bottle of cheap whiskey.

You can find links to more Visual Dare stories at Anonymous Legacy or why not try and write your own 100 word story, Angela is sure to give you a warm welcome!


  1. Very moving piece. Is this part of an on-going story? I would like to read more - I have been trying to write a similar character and am finding him quite difficult to articulate.

  2. WOW. Great twist on the prompt!! Took me a second read to figure out who her "nemesis" was - and that's a good thing. Very thought provoking. Well done!!

  3. I agree with Angela, Sarah. I swerved and screeched on that twist at the end! I also liked the structure you used, taking out unneeded words made the piece snap and crackle. Really nicely done!

  4. Such an unexpected ending! I agree with Jo-Anne, the tight writing in this piece is executed perfectly :)