Thursday, 1 August 2013

Loose ends and neat edges...

I now find myself rounding up the months and saying it's almost 3 years since Andrew died. Although actually it's more like 2 years, eight months and a few days since I started blogging my story for all the world to read. 

It would be foolish to say I don’t unravel anymore, I can still get caught out unawares...

But some loose ends do get tidied up. The kitchen was finally, finally finished yesterday with the last piece of flooring laid. We had to wait for the window seat to be completed to make the edges perfect.

The kitchen saga has been a long running one and it is strange to look at it now all pristine and complete. Although actually there’s already a little chip in the granite – I think I caught the edge of the draining board with my heavy le creuset casserole dish – oops! Nothing stays perfect for long!

This morning I’ve just taken my car to the garage for its second full service. I’ve driven over 20,000 miles and had the car for almost 2 years now. Was it that long ago I wrote about the trepidation when I first got it? It’s the first car I’ve ever bought by myself there was a lot of agonising beforehand that I was making the right decision. 

However it’s no longer my shiny new car just the car that gets us from A to B every day. There’s even an odd scratch here and there.

Time inevitably rolls on and once again we find ourselves in the summer holidays, which for once are strangely warm and sunny. It’s that time of year when I’m flitting about and my writing becomes haphazard. 

I predict a few odd posts in the next month and a flurry of writing at the end of the summer when I try to settle back into a routine – hahaha!

In September all will change again as oldest son starts college and A levels. He’s having two weeks away without us this summer, things are moving on and I’m trying to find things we can all do as a family as often as I can – it’s not easy when we are all so different.

Just a week ago I was stressing about my house viewing and here I sit today staring at a pile of packing - have we got everything we need to go away on our various adventures? 

Well the garage has just rung, the car's all ready to go, I've written a shopping list and can't sit here all day!

Ending, beginnings and everything in between.

Loose ends and neat edges – life is always made up of both!

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