Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Mother's Last Word - #NaPoWriMo day 1

Today I stumbled upon #NaPoWriMo - National Poem Writing Month!

I doubt I will see this through to the end, I'm far better at starting things than finishing them but I followed the link to the Mslexia website and came up with this writing exercise...

1. A title page

Read the contents page from one of your favourite poetry books.  Without rereading the associated poems, select the five titles appeal to you the most and note them down on a clean sheet of paper. Now 'edit' them in some way to make them your own – by changing a gender, noun or adjective. (Don't worry, there's no copyright on titles.)  Choose one and write a poem to go with it.

I found my copy of Men and Women by Robert Browning which I had studied for A level and played around with a few titles.

I ended up changing the title A Woman's Last Word to A Mother's Last Word and wrote this, also inspired by the fact youngest son is off on a school trip to Spain this weekend... I might just print out a copy and pop it in his suitcase!

A Mother's Last Word

Be careful when you cross the street
Please be kind to all you meet
Enjoy new things, laugh, have fun
Put on your hat, when in the sun
Practice Spanish every day
I'll miss you son, while you're away
Remember that I love you lots
And every day, please change your SOCKS!

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