Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Why I’ve decided to be Silly

It’s the school holidays and my best friend is away with her family. As I have no one to talk to I’ve decided to write a blog… 

Gosh I sound as if I am 14 years old instead of a grown woman somewhere in her forties with responsibilities!

Now when I was 14 if your friend went away for a week the only correspondence you were likely to receive was a postcard and that would never arrive until your friend had got back with a stick of rock for you and some creature made from plaster of paris and seashells!

These days communication is so much easier, I can text my friend regularly wherever she may be.  I am giving her a break from my ramblings today but she has liked some of my Facebook comments, we are still very much connected.

One thing she liked was the results of the latest Buzz Feed Quiz I’ve answered – “Which Mr Men Character are You?”

These quizzes seem to be the "in" thing at the moment and as ever there is nothing new in the idea. I remember being in the school library finding personality quizzes in the Jackie magazine, sitting together with your friends and giggling over the results. Something along the lines of which pop star would make your ideal boyfriend!

The result of today’s quiz is that I am Mr Silly

You are quite possibly the silliest person in the world. Your life is full of silliness and nonsense. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. You always have a smile on your face because life is fun, and so are you! Carry on being silly and brighten up everyone’s day.

After my initial disappointment, I really wanted to be Mr Daydream, I decided I was quite pleased after all. 

You see I don’t want to be the sensible grown up all the time and recently things have been weighing me down. 

I’ve lost my sparkle, I’ve pretty much dismissed my dreams as nonsense and I’ve practically stopped writing.

It may only be a silly little quiz but it’s good to know that somewhere inside I still have the capacity to be the silly one, the one who makes everyone laugh with her nonsense.

Being silly I’ve decided is one step nearer to being joyful – remember last summer when I foolishly declared I was going to CHOOSE JOY every day after hearing a speaker at New Wine. Well I’ve NOT chosen to be joyful for a while. I’ve been dwelling on the negative and it’s time to put a STOP to it!

Interspersed with writing this blog I have been tweeting and having the most delightfully silly conversations with “friends” I’ve never met almost pretending I’m a teenager again…

…but that’s OK because today I am choosing to be silly and I have a great big grin on my face – all I need now is the hat!

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