Monday, 14 April 2014

Letter to... the sower

Today I am linking up with Sabrina and Ruth with their “letters to…” prompt. They have been studying the parables of the Bible and decided to incorporate this into their weekly link up.

This week - a letter to the sower... The parable can be found here in Matthew 13.

Dear Youngest Son

Today you helped your Grandad in the greenhouse and although it wasn’t your favourite way to spend the time I hope you will one day look back fondly on your afternoon.

As I stepped in, taking your place when you got bored, I remembered a time in the garden so very long ago when your Grandad entrusted me with my own patch of ground. 

I was younger than you are now and working towards a badge for Brownies. It may have been a passing phase for me too, I can’t remember my interest lasting more than one season, but recently I’ve come to love the garden more and more. 

You appreciate things in a different way as you get older, one day perhaps you will understand.

Watching plants grow is amazing, especially when you know you have played a part in the nurturing.

Digging the soil, sowing seeds in a row and a splashing down water from the watering-can. Simple really.

Some plants grow regardless, weeds spring up out of nowhere, how dare they grow so fast and strong? Holding back the green shoots you have planted.

You have to take care to pull them out, not easy when their roots run deep and you have left the garden untended for too long.

And sometimes the things you plant just don’t grow. Wrong type of soil, too wet, slugs, birds or you just neglect to water them and take the proper care. 

But seeing something sprout that you have planted and watching it flourish against the odds is so satisfying.

A few years ago I planted something that looked no more than a stick but it has grown into a magnificent sweet smelling honeysuckle and every year it flowers it brings a smile to my face.

Youngest son, I don’t expect you to understand all these things now – the things your hold dear and "grow" are so different, like collecting diamonds in a virtual mineshaft. You were so upset when they were wiped out, like a gardener whose entire crop has been devoured. There was nothing I could do or say to comfort you.

Whatever you decide to “sow” and nurture in your life I hope it produces good fruit. That at the end of the day you can rest and watch in wonder as it grows.

Just as I watch you.

Mum x

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow - Audrey Hepburn

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  1. Aren't they just inconsolable when it comes to computer games! This is so lovely, it really is rewarding to watch those things we've nurtured flourish - plants, children or anything else! Thank you for linking up :-)