Saturday, 13 April 2013

A story for the Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower (or #DFQWBS)

I have a very special story to tell today written for the wonderfully encouraging, super talented and most amazing Anna Meade otherwise known as Dark Fairy Queen who writes the Yearning for Wonderland blog.

Anna was one half of the duo responsible for the Once Upon A Time flash fiction writing contest last year that magically turned a whole quiver of us aspiring writerly folk into proper published authors!

She has recently set up Nine Muse Press, dedicated to helping and supporting indie authors.

And I'm not sure where she finds the time because she also goes by the moniker of  #haplessbride as she busily plans her forthcoming wedding to Michael Loy.

In honour of such an auspicious occasion it has been decided, by the talented Laura, Rebekah and Miranda to produce an eBook of weddingy type flash fiction tales as a very special gift for the happy couple. (You can read the complete rules and regs here. And yes please add my tale into the eBook!)

But without further ado here is my story, a fairy story...but of course...

The Necklace of Tears

Being the school summer holidays the tour party was mostly comprised of young families. A collection of girls in princess party dresses, their brothers in mock armour eager to escape and explore the grounds of the castle where the knights were putting on a jousting tournament. 

Most dads were itching to leave by now too but this was the story guaranteed to make at least one mother cry and squeeze her husband’s hand a little tighter. 

Celeste wasn’t sure why but she was always tremendously moved by these shows of affection.

She had just one more thing to show them, just one more story to tell.

“This is the Necklace of Tears and it is surrounded by strong magic. 

“Once upon a time the princess who lived in this castle fell in love with a boy who worked in the stables called Peter.”

The boys groaned, eyes strayed for a glimpse out of the window. Celeste caught their wandering attention.

“He was judged not to be a suitable candidate for the princess’s hand in marriage and was sent instead on an almost impossible quest. A quest across the seven seas to fight dragons and ogres. If he made it back alive he could marry his bride. 

“Peter had no fear of the terrors that lay ahead and told the princess with complete confidence that she should prepare for their wedding, midsummer’s eve one year from that day.

“The following year on midsummer’s eve everything was ready, the castle sparkled, fresh flowers adorned every room. Everything was perfect. As dusk approached the princess looked out of the window to watch for Peter’s return.

“Eventually she spied a cloud of dust on the road and her heart soared but as it drew nearer she could see that Peter’s horse was not there and neither was he.

“Grief stricken at the news he was lost in battle she started to cry. Eventually she sobbed so hard that all that was left of her were her tears, each one that fell to the floor turned into a crystal. Her maid collected every one, threading them into this beautiful necklace.”

 A little girl enraptured by the story tugged at her sleeve, “Where did she go?”

“Some say she still wanders the castle waiting, a ghostlike figure haunting these halls.”

“And what do you say?” asked a deep male voice from the back.

Celeste hadn’t noticed this man earlier; he had no discernible family with him. His face was scarred, one eye lid half closed in a grotesque manner.

“There’s a theory that one day the stable boy will return and he will find her still waiting for him. He will fasten the necklace about her neck and the tears will melt away. I like that ending best of all.” She added wistfully.

”But sadly that concludes our tour today, thank you for listening…”

Celeste smiled at each family as they left and wished them well.

“You never told us the princess’s name.”

Turning she discovered the strange man was standing by the necklace.

“Celeste, Princess Celeste.” She whispered.

“Just like you.” He pointed to her name badge. “How long have you been working here?”

She hesitated; it felt as if she was on the edge of dreaming, “I can’t really remember … forever?”

“Do you think the old magic will still work?”

Carefully he lifted the necklace from the stand and placed it around her neck. 

Suddenly a wave of water broke forth washing away the tears of a thousand years or more. 

Celeste now stood in an elegant white bridal gown, a chain of daisies and buttercups replaced the necklace of tears. 


“Yes my love. You waited?”

“For a thousand years and then some.”

“And will you still marry me, even though the years have not been so kind to me and I am battle weary?”

She touched his face, scarred by evil sorcery, scorched by dragons’ breath, scratched by vicious thorns. All of this he had endured for her, for love.

“Oh Peter of course I will marry you!”

They kissed, his scars melted just as the crystal tears had done, the magic was undone.

And naturally they lived…

                                       …happily ever after!

I make absolutely no apologies for the slushy ending would you seriously want anything else at a wedding? I will leave it to others to write the darker twisted tales. I look forward to reading them all...

To Anna and Michael 
I wish you well on your magical journey, 
may you have a long and happy life together 
filled with many blessings.  
Much love from Sarah xx 


  1. A perfect fairy tale for our Fairy Queen. Just lovely x

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    Beautiful, friend, truly. KEEP IT UP!

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