Saturday, 6 April 2013

#VisDare - Being Different

Angela does have a habit of finding obscure pictures for us to play with in her weekly Visual Dare Challenge and this one is no exception.

Just who is this lady taking her duck for a walk? 

Well I've called her Alice and this is her story...

Alice kicked me out of the bath tub at 7:02 this morning; a bit early for her but she seemed in a buoyant mood, there was an inordinate amount of singing going on while she attended to her ablutions. 

I really hoped she wasn’t using that scented bath oil again, it disagreed with my feathers. I ruffled the pages of the morning paper in protest.

When she emerged even I could tell there was something, well, different about her.

She’d discarded her usual attire of dungarees with checked shirt opting instead for a floral dress, shoes with a heel and a hat!

“Today’s the day Miss Quakers,” her voice was giddy. “Today he will notice me.”

Oh so this was all for the mysterious man in the coffee shop, I shook my head – if he hadn’t already observed the pair of us walking past every day there was no hope!

150 words


  1. If a man won't notice your duck, then your goose is cooked. Cute story. Randy

  2. Lovely naivety, I'd love to know what the mystery man actually thinks of the two of them...and if he hasn't noticed...then she's better off without!

  3. I really enjoyed this. Love the bird's POV. That last line is marvellous.

  4. I wrote mine from mystery man's PoV.

    Sort of.


  5. Loved the last line payoff to the story!

  6. Great take on the prompt!! This one had me smiling all the way through. Love how the goose's personality comes through in the details about the bath oil and the newspaper. Makes me wonder who has whom on the leash?