Friday, 17 May 2013

Flash! Friday - Cowboy

This week's Flash! Friday has gone all wild west with a cowboy picture as a prompt.

I've never written a cowboy story before ... and I haven't really written one now but I had fun fitting this character into my own kind of story...

Searching for Stars

“A knight in shining armour is all I ask for, just how difficult is it to write me one?” Her words echoed up into space, the storyteller appeared to no longer be listening.

She had spent chapter one daydreaming about her potential rescuer and now found herself dumped here with this cowboy!

Stray characters from different plots cut and pasted to a barren blank page with not even a windswept piece of tumbleweed in sight.

 “Excuse me miss.”

The cowboy tipped his hat at her and she spied his bald head underneath, she’d already noticed the moustache – he wasn’t ideal hero material.

“I understand you are upset but I’m not happy being stranded here either.  I had dreams of being an astronaut.”

He had the softly spoken voice of a proper gentleman. 

Remembering her princess manner’s she hitched up her skirt a touch, stepped forward and asked “What exactly is an astronaut?”

He jumped down from his horse. He was taller than she first thought and his eyes started to sparkle as he explained. “An astronaut is someone who flies to the stars.”

“All the way up there?”

They both gazed upwards.

It was getting dark; pinpricks of light dotted the sky.

Their book was closing. The storyteller was giving up on them both.

“I don’t want my story to end like this.” The princess yelled.

“Then come with me.” The cowboy swept her off her feet up onto his horse and they rode off together in search of stars…

250 words

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