Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Visual Dare - Flights of Fancy

Hello my name is Sarah and I am definitely a blogger and sometimes I even call myself a writer ...

I've not blogged for a week, too busy writing other stuff, like turning my unravelling edges blog into a book, it's all about grief and loss and it's been really tough this week ...

... then I started another blog post and I ended up going round in circles but eventually came up with an idea I plan to use another day.

That's the thing with writing sometimes you don't know what you have to say until you write it down.

Sometimes your thoughts run amok, getting ever more tangled and twisted until you smooth out the words into coherent sentences that are more or less grammatically correct.

Well let's blame Angela at Anonymous Legacy for what is about to follow. She posted this obscure picture as her Visual Dare prompt...

All I had to do was write 150 words and after a little while there they were, an exact word count unleashed upon the page with the ominous title Flight of Fancy.

I'm quite pleased with what I have written and I hope they make some kind of sense to you too...

Flight of Fancy

Irrational thoughts flew out of her head like dancers twirling on tiptoes. They rose higher trailing long sleeves behind them that embraced every emotion.

What if?



If only she could really let them escape and empty her head of all this noise once and for all but she had to catch them. They were too dangerous to fly free causing havoc in the space that exists between dreams and reality.

“Your thoughts, what you have in your head are precious. They are the elements that make you unique.” That’s what he told her, she had no reason to doubt the gentle cadence of his voice.

She tugged at the threads to pull her thoughts together into some semblance of order.

They billowed like balloons on strings.

She wound all but one back in.

Curiosity she left hanging and she followed it to see where it would take her.


  1. *smiles*
    I love that she left curiosity hanging over her head. And I *heart* this piece a ton.

    1. the trouble is "Curiosity" will probably let all the other thoughts out of her head too before long - hehehe

  2. This piece floats like the words it contains - very nicely written indeed, a beautiful read, and, um...interesting colours to contend with!

  3. I love this Sarah, my thoughts and dreams are all flying around my head just like you've described! Now I need to get them in order and follow them one (or maybe two) at a time! Lovely piece!

  4. A wonderful take on the prompt, so clever. I loved the line, 'She tugged at the threads to pull her thoughts together into some semblance of order.' If only I could master that trick. Then your last line, leaving curiosity free, was a tremendous closing thought.

  5. Liked your take on the pic Sarah. Curiosity - indeed where shall it take her. Enjoyed the opening to - well done. :-)

  6. Wonderful piece! Really works visually!

  7. thanks everyone for the lovely comments - I was quite pleased myself how this one turned out!

  8. This is such a brilliant piece, on so many levels!! A girl of great power yet great timidity, whether in the magical or realistic sense --- her leaving the Curiosity "balloon" out is such a hopeful, happy moment amid all her scrambling to "keep herself together!" How often do we do the same things!! Sometimes it is a braver and truer thing to just fall apart - at least a little bit. And you should never EVER tie Curiosity up completely. I LOVE THIS. (((And delighted to see you back on the VisDare scene!)))