Monday, 6 May 2013

#MondayMixer - with no title - any suggestions?

It's been a tough few days but I've been making some headway today with the household disaster zone, so as a reward for clearing out the kitchen cupboards I have written a story.

I've not done Jeff's Monday Mixer for a while, the words are always challenging and I may not always use them in the correct context, but it felt good to stretch my imagination. Especially once I'd managed to edit my story to the required 150 words!
This week's words were

Locations:  1) repository        2) arena         3) taiga

Things:       1) portmanteau    2) rusk           3) concertina

Adjectives: 1) voluble             2) effulgent    3) calumnious

You only have to use one from each list but where's the fun in that? The only one I struggled to fit in at all was taiga

It would be calumnious to say I was a precocious child but I admit being a voluble toddler.

I tried unsuccessfully to entertain my baby sister, all I got was a soggy rusk offered from her podgy fingers. Then I discovered a much more appreciative audience for my theatrics - my grandparents. 

In return they showed me the wonderful contents of the portmanteau that dominated the front room. It was a repository for their theatre memorabilia. Brittle paper engraved with their stage names and sepia photos of a stunning couple, him in a top hat and her in feathers.

Grandfather could still play his concertina with consummate skill despite his arthritis. 

Meanwhile Grandmother was as ever an effulgent performer. Taking me under her wing she taught me her dance steps.

Their front room became the arena where I made my debut. From that moment applause become my drug of choice.

This week's story has no title, if you have any suggestions why not leave a comment...


  1. "Front Room memories"
    delightful story can see the whole piece unfold

    1. good idea - maybe I'll combine "front room" with "front row" - don't know quite how - still a work in progress ;-)
      thanks for the comment :-)

  2. Enjoyed this, you created some great imagery!

    1. I'm sure I never used to be good at imagery - my writing must be getting better!
      Thanks once again for you lovely comment - they always make me smile :-)