Thursday, 9 May 2013

More sunshine than raindrops

Splash, I feel the rain drop on my hand as I hang out my second load of washing for the day.

The sky is getting a bit cloudier and according to my friend, who is very reliable in these matters it is set to rain this afternoon. I don’t know how she does it but she always manages to find the most accurate weather forecasts, a useful and sometimes annoying trait!

For the time being I am undeterred, there is certainly more sunshine than raindrops and the washing is getting a good blow but I’m keeping an eye out for any change.

It’s been a good day so far; a productive one and I won’t let a little rain spoil things.

I have had a skip delivered to dump all my kitchen debris in, there is lots of banging and clattering going on downstairs as the old cupboards are disassembled.

The new kitchen cupboards have been delivered and I have had the insurance assessor round to agree to with the quote for the kitchen ceiling repairs. 

With some help I’ve started the sit on lawn mower and I have cut the grass, well the top lawn at any rate.

Now I’m just waiting for the plumber to turn up and fit the new water tank. I am getting excited about the prospect of HOT running water and a luscious soak in the bath tonight.

Oh yes it’s been a very busy day all round.

So I have turned my attention to some forward planning.

I never wrote about it on my blog last week but any friends who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know that I lost a hard disc drive.

Andrew had the "M-Drive" connected into our home computer network and it had stopped working months ago, I thought as a result of a computer crash downstairs – my computer knowledge is pretty basic – that was Andrew’s department. 

I decided to try and connect it to my laptop, there are documents on there I need access to if I am going to turn unravelling-edges into a book. It was also where we stored our family photos and who knows what other gems beside.

Fortunately I took the hard drive with me to the computer shop and asked how to connect it, I thought it was just a question of buying a lead with the correct adaptors.

The woman plugged it in and it started making the familiar whirring sound.

Now I always thought this was normal but apparently it’s not a good sign. 

“A noisy hard drive is a broken hard drive.” Were her exact wise words as she extolled the virtues of backing up documents.

I left the black box with her so she can try to gain access to its deepest darkest recesses, meanwhile I bought a new memory stick and I have been copying files all morning.

Most of my writing is on my blog, accessible to EVERYONE but there are some bits I am working on that I have never backed up, at least not since the M-Drive stopped working. 

And the thing is my laptop has started making noises, suspicious sounding whirring electronic clunking noises that I now recognise as not being terribly healthy. I suspect my laptop may be coming to the end of its life and I NEED to be prepared. 

I’m not getting caught out again, if I’ve learnt nothing else over the past few weeks with the saga of the water tank it’s always listen to your intuition and get things sorted sooner rather than later.

And as I finish this post the rain is coming down. It started to fall just as I pulled out of the drive on the school run.

Fortunately my workman, who's also the husband of the friend with the accurate weather forecasting skills, got the washing in for me.

So it’s just a little damp – no harm done there - a little rain never hurt anyone :-)


  1. What a bright read - and love the way your blog is set out.

  2. Wonderful. So much more than the ins and outs of a productive day, interesting as it is - you are certainly 'not letting the rain spoil things'. I love the determination and energy behind your words. This is an inspiring read.
    I'm glad I found you!

  3. Precious things are never lost.

  4. Precious things are never lost.

  5. So glad things are looking up!