Saturday, 5 October 2013


This October I have joined 30 other bloggers for Project: Underblog’s #31days31voices.

“We want to do something big to honour our year around the Blogosphere. We want to feature a new #smallandmighty blogger every single day for the month of October.  That’s 31 days to celebrate 31 amazing voices! We want to shout from the rooftops that our stories and our voices are amazing and worth celebrating!”

So far we have had a blog about being a teenage mother, one featuring the wonderful line "unfortunate distribution of utensils", a humorous post about those icky things you are never told about when you become a parent and yesterday some wistful words of wonder.

Today it is my turn and I’ve updated an old post called “Rings and Things” to share with a wider audience.

I confess I want my voice heard by as many people as I can reach. I thrive on the great feedback I receive and would one day love to see a book in print with my name on.

To this end I have recently been spending lots of time on line, trying to raise my profile, commenting, blogging, facebooking and twittering – oh I am getting pretty good at this social networking lark awaiting my BIG breakthrough when I become a household name!

Along the way I have made so many new friends and discovered some fabulous writers.

I’ve read words that are healing and soothing, words that touch me deeply and lots that make me laugh out loud.

Suddenly my voice being heard isn’t as important as knowing there are actually other people on my wavelength. So many of us doubting, laughing, muddling through, crying, grieving, shouting, hoping, living and sharing. 

I am aware all of us tapping out our thoughts and I feel connected to something so much bigger. My support network is growing and if I can reach out to just one other person with my own words I am happy. 

Only now I am convinced there are a lot more of us out there and I am not alone!

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  1. I am here, I am here, you reached me. Its a hard gig connecting.