Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cardigan Confession

One of the highlights of my week is working in the church charity shop on a Tuesday morning. I colour co-ordinate the window display and generally titivate. (I so love that word it sounds like it should be rude but it isn’t at all!)

This morning I was looking for my colour scheme of the week when I came across a cardigan.

I’ve got a cardigan just like that I mused. 

Then I checked the size.

Uncanny – this one was the same size as mine.

What if it actually was mine?

Did I one day leave it behind and it’s been put out on sale by accident?

Or had I donated it in my last big clear out?

I couldn’t remember seeing it at home for a while – but we have just had a most fabulous summer and my woollies are pushed far back on the shelf of my wardrobe. It could still be lurking somewhere behind the strappy summer tops.

We are just getting out the boxes of winter stock in the shop and my last big clear out was probably spring time. Every now and then I see something I know for certain used to belong to me and I think, yes I can live quite happily without that in my wardrobe . Then I pull something new off the rails and buy that to take home instead!

But seeing this cardigan bothered me, why would I get rid of something so useful? What if one day I NEEDED it to keep me warm and when I looked it wasn’t in my wardrobe anymore?

“I’ll just take this home with me.” I told my friend who was with me at the time. I felt a little bad for "almost" stealing it but I donate lots and buy lots and work very hard each week!

I folded up the item and darted to my car, which was parked just outside, and threw it on the passenger seat.

When I got home I went to look in my wardrobe and guess what I found without even looking very hard – yes the very same cardigan!

So now I have two – well sort of – the one from the shop was just borrowed and I shall sheepishly return my duplicate tomorrow.

As my friend likes to remind me in times like these I am still "blonde" underneath the pink hair dye.

But now I’ve shared my tale of two cardigans with you and if it made you smile even just a little bit it was worth it!

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  1. Am smiling widely thanks for another brilliant blog!