Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Anniversary Poem

Would we still be holding hands
and looking out to sea?
Would we still be us,
forever you and me?

My life is now so different,
but some things remain the same.
I miss the way you held me
and the way you said my name.

But if that day had never happened,
would I just take you for granted?
The love we shared seems richer,
now you have departed.

Some days my tears flow freely
and I wonder if they’ll end…
My heart’s still crushed, quite fragile really,
can it ever mend?

You told me you’d be with me
and always hold my hand,
Then you were taken like a high tide
washes love hearts from the sand.

What’s left behind is memories,
precious days of joys.
And two replicas of both of us,
our most marvellous boys.

Each one of them a concrete link             
connecting back to you,
In the words they say to me,
and little things they do.

So would we still be holding hands,        
 looking out to sea?
I’d like to think forever
we’d still be you and me.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment I appreciate it. I found your blog and had a little read too x

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Lisa, you are always so faithful with your comments - must catch up on my own blog reading and see what's happening in your NaNo world ;-) xx

  3. So very brave and beautiful Sarah, love and hugs xxxxx

  4. Very moving, Sarah - bless you! F. xx

  5. Absolutely beautiful....and so moving....What a wonderful tribute a wonderful relationship...xxxx

  6. Dear Sarah, bless your aching heart, I bet that was hard to write and hard to post. It is a lovely tribute as your other friends have said. Anniversaries are always so tough. I love that you have such a healthy eternal perspective. xx

  7. Beautiful words , a conversation with angels.