Monday, 25 November 2013

Race the Date #4 - archipelago

Today I am joining up with Cara Michaels' relatively new writing challenge called Race the Date

26 Hours | 300 Words | 1 Globetrotting Prompt

Today's prompt word is - archipelago

After so many days of blissfully floating in relative peace and quiet Daisy heard the familiar humming of an engine above her head. Lazily she lifted an arm to shield her slowly opening eyes from the glaring sun. They confirmed what she already knew – her idyllic honeymoon was coming to an end.

With a slight sadness in her heart she watched as the plane glided in an effortless trajectory on its way to the last island in the archipelago. By the time their yacht reached the shore the plane would be ready and waiting to trace the line of islands all the way back to the mainland.

Closing her eyes again she tuned back into the soothing sound of the ocean, once more mulling over how to begin this month’s article. This kind of once in a lifetime two week cruise along the islands on a private yacht would have ordinarily been well out of her budget. 

Writing a couple of thousand words for the privilege was a small price to pay for such luxury. 

Stretching her arms out wide, an imitation of the plane above, Daisy reached playfully for her faithful companion with a light touch. 

Her fingers slowly curled around the purple leather bound Kindle full of the complete works of Jane Austen. There was just time to lose herself at Pemberley before the magic had to end.

Next time, she vowed, she really must find her own Mr Darcy to share one of these experiences with!

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