Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday Mixer - Love in Space Part 2

Time for another Monday Mixer and this week I have decided not to be over ambitious and include as many prompts as possible but just the bare minimum of 3.

However I wanted to continue my story from last week, just for the fun of it. So there are at least 3 prompts from last week still lurking around!

I have finally got it to the required 150 words and although I could tweat my words even more I have decided to call it a day and show you what I've got rather than sit here all evening. 

His Grandmother held fast to one intrinsic truth - anything would grow given the right conditions.

Her words inspired him as he tirelessly worked in the biodome perfecting the nutrient balance. Elaborate chemical formulae danced in his head to a hypnotic harmony, new shoots flourished producing the most amazing fruit.

The hirsute coconut was the latest of the old world fruits he had successfully grown on the spaceport; it fitted in his hand as comfortably as his precious ocarina.

His two passions had always been his plants and his music. 

One lunch time he was idly playing a familiar melody when a strange new chemical reaction took place. 

The catalyst was a look, then a tentative smile. Musical notes and symbols collided by chance.

Could anything really grow given the right conditions? 

His Grandmother couldn’t keep alive a houseplant in a perfect climate but she was still a wise woman.


  1. Wise indeed, they do say you should talk to your plants, maybe playing music is the same!

  2. Love that you continued the story!! My favorite phrase: "Elaborate chemical formulae danced in his head to a hypnotic harmony." :)