Saturday, 29 December 2012

Marks out of Ten

Well I think it’s time to look back over 2012 and assess how well I did in keeping my new year’s resolutions…

1.            Open a Twitter account – for networking and getting my writing noticed.

My Twitter account has been up and running for almost a year. I have tweeted over 1700 times, I am following over 200 people have 184 followers. Not huge numbers but I am picky and won’t follow indiscriminately.

“Networking” sounds so impersonal and calculating but for me Twitter has been the catalyst for making many new friends, lots of them WRITE and they have been a huge encouragement to me. 

2.            Write more – work on turning my first blog into a book, apply for writing award and approach agents.

I have certainly written more words this year I have written 177 blog posts this year, at least 40 flash fiction stories and 27,000 words of my NaNoWriMo novel. 

As for turning unravelling-edges into a book – that kind of stalled when I received a rejection letter from the Northern Writers Awards. Maybe one day I will tackle the subject of grief and write my memoirs but for now I have decided to turn my attention to fiction.

I did have some success having a short story published in the Once Upon aTime anthology.
My writing is improving, well at least I think it is, my typing is definitely getting quicker too!

3.            Remember more birthdays with cards and presents – I used to be good at this and need to relearn the skill as a way of keeping in touch and reminding people how special they are.  And even give gifts and cards for no reason!

Not sure if I have succeeded at this one or not – I’m sure there were a few birthdays I still forgot!

But I did make some wonderful Christmas presents - I melted some of Andrew's record collection and make bowls which I filled with chocolates!
4.            Sort out my paperwork and filing – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Epic FAIL! Only a few more hours to resolve this one – unlikely to happen with a New Year’s party to plan!

5.            Register for on-line dating – hmmmmmm

Oh excuse me while I burst into spontaneous hilarious laughter! 

I did do it, never met anyone on-line either near enough or interesting enough to actually meet in person.

Feel a little sad and an overwhelming urge to try this again but I must remember how much I really hated the whole concept of judging people on a short piece of text and dodgy photo - hmmmmmmmm

6.            Get more exercise

Another one that didn’t totally go to plan – let’s add this to the 2013 list!

7.            Read my Bible and pray more

Hit and miss – another constant up still struggle where there is always room for improvement – read the book of Esther several times as research for my novel – can I count that?

8.            Fondly remember the good times

I did, there were a few dips in the year but I have mostly counted my blessings.

9.            Make time for friends and family

A big tick here I think, any excuse to put the kettle on and make a cuppa.

10.        Laugh – LOTS!

And cried lots but I think the giggles far outweighed the tears.

So that makes let’s say eight-ish out of ten!

Not bad for an end of year report, now what shall I plan for 2013???


  1. Some of those I tried this year too with varying success, but I am also looking forward to achieving more this year.

  2. Yay for you - 8-ish is fantastic - and they were the important 8-ish! Here's to more of the good things in 2013 XX