Wednesday, 2 January 2013

An Orderly Ending

This Five Sentence Fiction was supposed to be posted on the last day of 2012, unfortunately I have been having some technical difficulties. Now my internet connection is up and running once more I discovered that I am in time to add my link here’s my take on the prompt ENDING.

After reading several stories I felt a little sad so I tried to write something a bit sweeter. 

I came up with this autobiographical little tale based on the fact that I never did achieve my 2012 new year’s resolution of getting my paperwork and filing in order….

I’m sure I have an organised, tidy gene; it appears intermittently like a faulty flickering light with a loose connection.

Filing and sorting out my paperwork – it’s not rocket science – all you need is rudimentary knowledge of the alphabet and months of the year to shuffle papers into a logical order.

So after a restless night I face the last day of the year with the typical mountain of bills and papers before me that should have been dealt with months ago.

There are a few hours left of the year, let’s see if I can end it on a high with a shelf of pristine folders, colour coded neat and tidy.

Because I love a happy ever after ending!

…so did I get the filing sorted in the final hours of 2012? 

Of course NOT I had a story to write and a party to plan! 

Happy New Year!

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