Friday, 18 January 2013

The Picnic - a Friday Flash!

This week I've discovered a new Flash Fiction Competition hosted by the Shenandoah Valley Writers

Here is this week's picture prompt

The competition is only open for 12 hours and the word count this week is 100 words exactly - ooooh I like this sort of challenge...

Here's my picnic story

“Couldn’t you find a better spot, we look like a band of refugees sitting by this swamp.”

Aunt Cissy had a point; this wasn’t a picnic to rival the calibre of the Pilkington-Smyth set.

The afternoon only deteriorated when young Emily decided to go swimming fully clothed in her Sunday best.  

Aunt Cissy promptly fainted in dramatic fashion.

While I reached for the smelling salts our chaperone, John, rescued Emily with aplomb. 

As he emerged dripping from the pool he looked straight at me and smiled. 

From that moment I knew I wouldn’t end up a spinster like Aunt Ciss!

Remember to check out the other stories based on this prompt on the  Shenandoah Valley Writers blog.


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    1. Wasn't deliberately writing a Mr Darcy moment but all of a sudden it was there on the page, it's so deeply rooted in my subconscious - hehehe ;-)