Thursday, 10 January 2013

VisDare2 - Resolute

Mother always said Stewart was a dangerous combination of charm and chatter. 

“That boy could sell snow to Eskimos and I don’t like you mixing with his sort.”

Father simply said Stewart came from the wrong side of town and I was strictly forbidden to have anything to do with him. 

Maybe I should have listened because here I was two days after my eighth birthday experiencing the worst day of my entire life.

I had broken so many rules I believed I couldn’t ever go home. I would have to live on the run with my ruined bicycle.

Sniffing and wiping the stray tears on the back of my sleeve I desparately tried to look brave. 

Stewart looked straight at me without passing judgement or even mocking me for crying.

That day he taught me a valuable lesson.

 “There’s more than one way to ride a bike you know.” 

Thanks to Angela at her Anonymous Legacy blog for setting another great picture challenge.

Can you write a story in 150 words or less to go with the picture?


  1. A great story Sarah. It's amazing the valuable lessons we learn as kids!

  2. I can hear the "Eye of the Tiger" music (or perhaps "Bad Medicine"?) ramping up in the background. Charm and chatter make a dangerous combination, indeed!! I love Stewart. He's intriguing. (But he'd better stay away from my bike!) :)

  3. Great story! LOL kinda reminded me of the time my son in law picked me up from work on his Goldwing 1200cc motorbike. I begged him not to do a wheelie...I think I popped some of his ribs that day :-)

  4. It's nice to have a friend lie Stewart. He makes life more interesting.