Thursday, 3 January 2013

First Visual Dare of 2013 - Harry Poppins

Angela Goff has changed the Visual Dare rules, well slightly tweaked them really and now we have 150 words to play with. Not that I've always stuck to the 100 words limit!

Today I have played nice, been a good girl and my story is 150 words exactly!

The idea may be a little obvious but have you ever wondered if Mary Poppins had a little brother? Let's call him Harry...

Harry Poppins

Harry Poppins looked up into the sky, shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun.
It appeared he had landed in between his world and the next. He failed to see how he might change things for the better perched on this high ledge.
The umbrella, a present from his sister, gave him much needed stability as he retrieved the letter from his inside jacket pocket.
He shook out the crumpled paper, particles of ash floated in the air, quite understandable when the letter had travelled to him up a chimney, he sighed, so few letters were received in this manner now.
Pondering how he might get down safely and complete his task he heard a noise to his right.
A nervous looking man was clambering from a window with apparently no cares about his safe descent.
Immediately Harry knew he had landed in the perfect spot after all.


  1. Very nice, Sarah. Definitely a different take than my Mary Poppins-esque story, but wonderful. Good luck to Harry!

  2. Love this, Sarah!! Harry is such a delight!! Hope we see more of him - and his umbrella too!! :)

  3. Aw, sweet! Lovely introduction to Harry!

  4. YAY. I have a special place in my heart for Mary Poppins (not the least because Mary Travers' real last name was GOFF :D ), so this was a sweet twist on the prompt. I like the idea that he's not limited to being a nanny like Mary was, but that his magic umbrella adventures might be of a more intense and demanding sort -- because not only children need saving, right? Or children of all ages, to see it another way. Love love this. Great work, Sarah!

  5. Harry Poppins is great!

  6. Eeeow, so it's 'Arry Powppins, is it?!?

    Well, I never . . .