Monday, 14 January 2013

Off Balance

I had a bit of an accident the other day, it was one of those silly little things where you immediately wish you could rewind a few minutes  of your life and take the necessary care and attention to avoid the incident all together.

It happened when I went shopping. I parked the car in the roof top car park of the supermarket and proceeded to walk down the stairs. If I am shopping with my mother-in-law I used the lift but when on my own or with the boys I like to kid myself that taking the stairs is healthier than the escalator.

As I was nearing the foot of the stairs I took the thank you letters out of my handbag. (Oh what a good mother I am getting my boys to write their letters well before the end of January and similar thoughts were running through my mind...) There is a post box by the check out and I was eager to pop them in the box before I went on my way.

Then I missed the last step completely and landed heavily on my ankle.

Part of me wished a hole would open up and swallow me while another part of me just wanted to sit and cry waiting to be rescued by my handsome prince, well these things always happen in the movies!

My rescuer turned out to be an elderly gentleman in a motability scooter. He attracted the attention of a fellow shopper nearby who offered some home spun advice, telling me about the time she fell over and broken a bone in her hand.

I managed to get to my feet and delicately rotated my ankle first one way and then the other. As I could put weight on my foot I self-diagnosed that nothing "appeared" to be broken . Apart from some potential bruising, mostly to my pride, I decided I must be OK so being terribly British and not wanting to make a fuss I hobbled on my way.

When I got home treated myself to a sit down on the sofa, foot up on a cushion of frozen peas!

It’s just another in a catalogue of incidents and accidents, little anecdotes I can then type up on my blog. You are allowed to laugh or sympathise at will, I’m convinced my stories are not at all unique.

We all lose our balance some times, our focus blurs, our concentration wanders and we stumble.

Last week was one of those wobbly weeks which only got worse after another couple of incidents also threw me off course.

I still don’t feel I’ve quit regained my balance but here’s hoping this week is a better one and that my current mood is just a January blip that soon will pass. I've had enough unravelling to last me a lifetime and I just want something good to happen!

A little while later...

I was all set to post this when a friend rang and I popped round to see her for a cuppa before the school run. It's not been a bad day really...

I'm thankful for a reliable car that gets me from A to B even in the snow.

I'm blessed to have a warm and comfortable home.

I'm glad of great friends to share cups of tea with.

And here's a bit of re-ravelling I've been doing... a new scarf I've just finished knitting myself today.

Best of all I have Narnia outside my window... but maybe I'll save that story for another day...


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  1. I love your scarf! My Mum's been knitting something similar (not as pretty though - sssh!)
    I'm sorry about your trip. These things are horrid, I've got MS, I do them too often. I hope your ankles on the mend?
    Hugs, Donna xx