Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Little bit of Sparkle and Creativity

Yesterday I helped my friend Sue out at her staff development day. The team she manages have faced a lot of changes and challenges over the past year and there are more to come in 2013.

The theme of the day was "reflection" and I led a workshop to write an acrostic poem.

(Yes I LED a writing workshop - that sounds really posh, Sue even introduced me as a writer - all very scary, still don't feel like I can say I am a Writer - with a capital W!)

I had to write an example of an acrostic poem to show them and as I was pleased with my efforts I decided it was only fair to share it with you too...
Pinpricks of light in the night sky
A glowing ember starts a
Roaring fire
Leaves a dusting of magic
Eyes sparkle bright from a kind-hearted word

Another friend, Beth (an Artist - and that's definitely with a capital A!), led a creative workshop making models from driftwood and seaglass. Well I had to have a go at that too and I made this.

The team Sue leads had a great day relaxing, reflecting and getting their batteries re-charged for the new year.

And although it was yet another busy day for me and I missed out on my usual Monday morning walk I had fun too!

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  1. That's a cool piece of Art (with a capital A) Sarah! I really like seaglass, there's just something about it. And acrostics are fun...I remember getting a gold star for one at school and I was so chuffed!