Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday Mixer - The Woman in the Cloche Hat

Jeffrey Hollar's Monday Mixer provides the inspiration for today's flash fiction.

At least one word from each list must be included in a story of exactly 150 words, today's selection are...

Locations:  1) moor           2) oasis            3) mortuary

Things:       1) bandana      2) cloche         3) overshoe

Adjectives: 1) loquacious 2) egalitarian   3) sedulous

She was the most loquacious woman he had ever met, babbling on about her stupid hat…

“It’s called a cloche you know and this one belonged to my grandmother. Don’t you think it’s such a darling little thing?”

It twirled on her finger now; he could see the movement out of the corner of his eye, a minor distraction as his drove.

The roads up here on the moors were narrow and he didn’t want to get his work car stuck.

When he had turned up in a hearse to take her out, she just trilled her annoying little laugh.

“Oh Archie it is sweet of you to take me out for the day. And it’s so deserted up here your wife will never find out about us.”

There is no “us” he thought unkindly as he continued driving the scenic route to the mortuary.

No one will ever know!


  1. Nice one...they say some men can't stand a verbose woman! The hearse was a good touch!

    1. including the hearse meant I could seamlessly fit the mortuary into the story too - LOL

  2. WOW!!!! Awesome use of the prompts!!! As a mortuary employee, I absolutely love and heartily approve this story!!! xoxo

    1. So have you ever been taken out for a date in a hearse then Ruth? Or would that be completely frowned upon? hehehe

  3. Love how she's been taken out in a hearse, had a wee smile at the end :)

  4. She didn't realise the relationship was 'dead in the water' when he turned up with the hearse then? Succint, lively and above all funny!

  5. Love the use of the hat to include the cloche prompt. The story made me smile. nicely done!