Monday, 7 January 2013

That's My Goal

Last January I came up with a whole list of New Year’s resolutions and I did a reasonably good job at keeping most of them, if you don’t include the filing! 

However I decided to make things simple for 2013 and have one key priority. I want to be able to say "that’s my goal" for this year.

I was immediately distracted when I thought “isn’t that a song?”

Quick search on Google and I found this…

Shane Ward X Factor winner back in 2005, I remember it well, I voted for Journey South that year – but I digress…

I am going to totally contradict myself today, so what’s new, my brother says I do it all the time.

In my last post I was hypothetically planning my future wedding for when I meet the new man of my dreams. Last year one of my resolutions was to give on-line dating a go, finding someone new was higher up on my agenda than getting more exercise!

But the truth is although I long for someone to look at me in the same way as the groom eyed up the bride at the wedding the other day my number one priority this year is writing.

I can sit dreaming like a lovelorn teenager all year and never get anywhere 


I can write and pursue my more creative goals. 

At least by doing the latter I will have produced something tangible by the end of 2013.

Then this popped up on Facebook the other day 

Was this a sign that I should I go and find him?

Oh I’m feeling very dithery at the moment and Facebook keeps recommending an on-line dating site I should try – half price at the moment – bargain – yes/no? My fingers hover over the keyboard…

No I will remain resolute and I am afraid Prince Charming will have to figure out his own rescue plan because I am going to be far too busy in 2013. 

Obviously if he would like to drop by and sweep me off my feet following the more conventional customs I shall consider it! Although youngest son has categorically stated I am not allowed to replace his dad so any future suitors for my hand will have a fight on their hands to convince him they are worthy.

Maybe/actually (*delete as applicable depending on mood) deep down I am scared of what a new relationship might bring with it. There are so many hurdles to be negotiated perhaps finding an agent/publisher/book deal is the easier option?

So that's settled then - my goal this year is to write, write a bit more and then continue writing. I will endeavour to keep a record of the number of words and make sure that each week I am adding to the total of my WIP on top of the blogging and flash fiction totals.

There are a few on-line schemes to tap into to record your word totals and keep on track, a bit like NaNoWriMo but I intend instead to keep typing away at my own pace. 

I will keep you up to date with my progress, I don’t promise a weekly total or even a monthly statement but please keep asking me about my Esther story and egging me on, in return every now and then I will show you something I have written...

2013 - Writing - That's my goal!


  1. YAY!!!! I have been dying to ask you about the Esther story, so now that you've given me carte blanche, I shall take you up on it!!!

    Wishing you all the ink you can handle in 2013!!


  2. Good luck with the writing, I'm doing something similar. NaNo helped create a habit and I want to keep it! And...I love the word 'tangible'.