Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Annual Squish

Well it is that time of the year again where things get squished.

No I am not talking about squishing this year’s Christmas presents into cupboards already full of useful gifts. 

Neither am I referring to the squish as you zip up your favourite pair of jeans that appear to have shrunk over the festive period.

The squish of too many guests over Christmas?

Well I made the decision to stay put this Christmas and have everyone come to me. I hosted Christmas and a New Year’s party plus had even more visitors to stay in between the two. I have lost count of how many beds I’ve changed and sheets I’ve washed, fitting everyone in.

No, what I call "The Annual Squish" (I'm reading Miranda Hart's book, so please bear with the Miranda-isms!) is something far more personal. 

It’s been a whole year since I had my very first mammogram and since I am deemed moderate risk due to family medical history today was the day to visit the hospital and get SQUISHED –"technical term"!


I’d forgotten how much it hurt, but it is only a momentary discomfort and now I can hopefully forget about it again for a year. There’s just those couple of weeks to wait for an all clear letter.

It doesn’t matter if it is something we are eagerly looking forward to like Christmas or something we slightly dread like a regular check-up; it comes and then it goes – all over for another year.

So now here I sit post-Christmas, post New Year and post mammogram wondering what’s next?

I have no idea what 2013 will bring and I haven’t a clue what I might have to write about.

It’s quite exciting really!

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