Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Mixer - Love in Space

Well that's NaNo done and dusted - or NOT as the case may be. Time to turn my attention to some serious flash fiction.

The bar is being raised all the time on this particular game and now Jeff Hollar has come up with the ultimate challege callled The Monday Mixer.

Unlike the lovely Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction and the amazing Angela Goff's Visual Dare you only get one day to participate in this one and the rules are dead strict!

150 word limit - no more and no less or you are immediately disqualified!

There are nine prompts to choose from but you MUST use at least one from each list location, object and adjective.

To make it even more interesting there is an over achiever award for anyone daring enough to use at least FIVE of the nine prompts!

Well Mr Hollar, flash-fictioneer extraordinaire I accept your challenge and have included no less than SEVEN out of your NINE prompts this week; and one of them I used twice! Which could set a dangerous precedent for me to follow in future weeks.

But for this week sign me up in the Over Achiever category please and let battle commence - hehehee

Love In Space

It was the indiscriminate ravioli stains that annoyed her the most. The regressive Zero Gravity Restaurant was the latest hotspot on the spaceport with tables booked up months in advance.

Who would have thought when she signed up to the spacecorps she would end up working in the laundromat.

She might just as well have stayed on the moon colony Detla Five but she had followed the mysterious ocarina man, whose mystical music captivated her heart, leading her on a merry intergalactic dance.

The buzzer sounded for her lunch break. No posh ravioli for her, just the usual freeze dried protein bar. Edging her way to a spare seat on the sealed in veranda she unwrapped her lunch and chewed thoughtfully, literally watching the worlds go by through the glass beneath her feet.

Three simple mournful notes filled the air, she looked up expectantly – maybe life here wasn’t so bad.


  1. Oh cute! Nice little bit of sci-fi Sarah!

    1. never really written much Sci-Fi but always telling youngest son Star Wars is just a love story!
      Glad you liked it!

  2. Disgruntled employees even in space, love it :)

    1. Had fun fitting in all those eclectic words! (Now there's a big word in my reply - hope it's spelt right! hehehe)

  3. I absolutely love this! So many wonderful creative phrases! And I feel such empathy for her! :)

    1. I have a soft spot for her too - hope she finds ocarina man - maybe in next weeks tale although fitting Jeff's words in and doing a follow up story might really be pushing it just a bit too far... ;-)