Friday, 7 December 2012

Visual Dare - Disobey

     She had a mischievous grin
     The child who disobeyed
     Her eyes a tantalising glow
     So what are you going to do about me this time?

     She must be cold up on that horse
     The child who disobeyed
     Her coat an icy winter sparkle
     I’d like to take her home and keep her warm

     She rips my heart in two
     The child who disobeyed
     Her defiance mesmerising
     We have reached a stalemate

Then I awake, as mothers do, in tune with the child who last night made me so exasperated. Now she stands beside my bed in tears, repentant. Sleepily I lift the corner of the covers and invite her in to share my warmth and we drift off together into a dreamless sleep.

Sorry Angela but I am being disobedient this week with over 120 words!

Great Visual Dare prompt as usual.

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  1. I know the feeling! I had a child up last night and I lost an hours sleep or so, but when I go in to her in the morning and see her sleepy all melts away!

  2. Ah. Only a mother's heart could pen something so poignant and light and heart-heavy like this. Love the poetry (who told you that I have a weakness for verse?), and it works so well as a dream sequence, without overtly stating that it is, in fact, a dream sequence. Lovely spin on the prompt. Well done!!

  3. Lisa and Angela always leave the best comments so I'll just say: what they said :)) Sarah, you've written a very warm and heartfelt piece here. Truly lovely.