Saturday, 15 December 2012

Visual Dare - Timing

Martin always felt on the edge of life, just out of sync with the “real world”.

He laughed at odd things, in the wrong places and found social situations frightening.

Pitiful glances from so called “friends” made him withdraw; seeking solace instead in the company of his cello, the cadence of its mellow mournful notes suited him.

Finding a regular spot on the Circle Line he busked as the world rushed by.

Commuters had little time to stop or stare.
However occasionally he received a look of envy, a strange longing to be just like him, lost in secluded tranquillity.


100 words exactly this week Angela! ;-)


  1. I love this. A lovely contrast to the darker submissions (with full apologies to the other entrants - the multiple shootings this weekend has made me a touch hypersensitive to dark storytelling at the moment). I think we all would like to retreat into creative seclusion now and then. :)

  2. Beautifully realized, Sarah. Melancholy is the perfect 'note' on which to rest this story. :))))

  3. Beautiful story telling Sarah.
    A tremendous use of your 100 words.

  4. Loved it Sarah! That world is my favourite place to be!