Thursday, 29 November 2012

Visual Dare Triple #NaNoWriMo Sneak Peek

Angela Goff has done it again!


Posted some great picture prompts for her Visual Dare.

We are still just in November and this is the final TRIPLE Visual Dare with a few extra rules...

Your mission is to:
     * Pick the one that grabs you the most.
     * Use it to write a story in 100 words OR LESS. (I'm counting this month!! Mind!!)
     * BONUS POINTS: Make your entry an excerpt from your current NaNoWriMo story.
     * BONUS BONUS POINTS: Use all three photographs (somehow!) in your entry!
     * Add your entry via the cool linky thing below. Be sure to link directly to your Visual Dare post, and not your home page. (You want everyone to see your amazingness straight away!)

I chose this obscure little pic because it fired something off in my imagination.

I may have set my NaNoWriMo ambitions aside but The Book of Esther is still very much alive and kicking in my imagination.

This picture takes the story right back to the beginning, the first chapter, possibly even a prologue. It is written by Cai and is his perspective of the world he and Esther find themselves living in.

It strips the story down to my original idea, hinting at the faith and belief system that set Esther and Cai apart from most of the population.

Probably my most revealing NaNo Snippet yet...

It is as if the powerful of this world took a huge pair of scissors to our history books, cutting out the bits they didn’t want us to read.

And then they removed the pencils so we could no longer write down what we saw or even the stories we might have imagined.

“What are books?”
“What are pencils?”
Dare you ask?

Others shrug - “dead information” you don’t need because otherwise you would have been taught it.

The high ideals have all been corrupted along the way, shifting out of kilter like the tectonic plates that move beneath our feet.

100 words exactly - how's that Angela?


  1. Oo what in interesting snippet. So glad your keeping the story alive :)

    1. It's taken on a life of its own and NaNo has at least given me the opportunity set it free.

  2. information you don’t need because otherwise you would have been taught it.

    Now that is a terrifying belief system.


    1. Cai and Esther keep questioning, searching for the truth but they are in the minority... at least in the beginning of the story.

      Thanks for commenting

  3. I heartily approve!! Such a poignant anecdote in our own day and time. Well done, my friend - well done!! :D

  4. Glad I've made you smile! There was more I intended to write as explanation but took it out to tease you all a bit more.
    I really needed to get back to the basics of the plot, that's what was getting lost while I wrote so quickly for NaNo, so thanks for helping me focus on the important elements. x

  5. I loved that, and it's so true of our society too. So scary to think of anyone removing our writing implements in case we get to tell the truth! Beautiful words Sarah!

  6. Get some Fahreheit 451 vibes out of this story. Well done.