Saturday, 10 November 2012

200 NaNo Words

One third through NaNoWriMo and I have only added to my word count by 200 today.

But they are 200 special little words in two 100 words bursts with inspiration from my favourite writing prompt setters Angela Goff and Lillie McFerrin.

For Angela Goff's Visual Dare this week the challenge was a triple one with not one but three pictures to wordmonger with, bonus points for it being part of your NaNoWriMo story and extra bonus points for using all three prompts!

Couldn't quite fit all three into the 100 word limit but I chose to use the image of the spiral staircase as it best fitted my NaNo story.

This excerpt takes place a little further on than I have reached in my actual writing and I am excited now at the prospect of fleshing this scene out.

 Eunice led the way to an uneven twisted staircase.

“Entertainment Tower maintenance is not a high priority. The fifth step is loose.”

The older woman extended her reach in a surprisingly agile manner, fully expecting her younger companion to do the same but Esther misjudged her footing and fell.

“Are you alright?” Eunice helped her companion to sit down. “You’ve gone white child.”

It was true the blood had visibly drained from her face as a long forgotten childhood memory had been plucked from depths Esther hadn’t realised existed.

It wasn’t just the cold stone floor that made her shiver. 

And then Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction this week was to write about one of our main characters in NaNo. So here are 5 sentences about a character called Cai and his relationship with my main character Esther.

Cai had dreams, vivid night time visions, of a meteoric rise within the Citadel walls; by the age of twenty he had already been promoted to the next level of Information Access and it appeared his path was set. 

Until the day Esther was brought to his door.

A timid seven year old orphan and he was her only living relative. 

Thoughts of where she might be sent if he didn’t step up to this new challenge of responsibility made him physically ill.

So a new way of life emerged for the two of them while Cai’s fanciful dreams slept.

Once again I look forward to adding to these 100 words.

Both prompts have helped me think more about my story, plot and character and given me a whole range of exciting posibilities to explore.

Many thanks to my NaNo cheerleading, pom pom waving, prompt setting, writing buddies!


  1. Wow! Look at everything you're writing! I'm so impressed. Cai is clearly a person of real caring and integrity. Good job!

  2. The first piece made me shiver as I wondered what Esther's hidden memory was, the second was heartwarming as Cai is lovely. How often do we abandon some of our dreams for those we love?
    Great writing Sarah, and 200 important words!

  3. I have to echo Lisa. It's not clear if Cal was even aware of Esther's existence until she got dropped on him. But he mans up to this responsibility.

    It reminds me of Scott Peck's definition of love: The willingness to extend oneself to benefit a human being.


  4. Now I'm doing Visual Dare.

    And it's all your fault!


  5. I second the comment: Look at all the writing you are doing! I'm so glad the writing world, and in particular, the flash fiction writing world, has pulled you in :)) These two pieces are so very well done, Sarah. I know I'm going to enjoy reading and knowing more about Esther. Big hugs!

  6. Ahhhh I love these!! The more I see of your writing, the more I'd like to read! Can't wait till Esther's tale is fully told...! :)