Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Six Words

Before I started NaNaWriMo and November exploded into a frenzy of word sprints and number crunching I found this blog...

A very short writing challenge was set by Rachelle, whose blog I dip into now and then...

I’m a huge fan of memoir. I enjoy reading stories about people’s lives.
And I love getting to know you, my blog readers. Every once in awhile we have a day here on the blog where you get to tell us about yourself.
So today, let’s do Six Word Memoirs. I’m game if you are. (My Six Word Memoir is the title of this post.)

Put your six word memoir in the comments.

© 2012 Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent

My six words turned into my six sentences or six lines of six words and I thought - I'll save them to post during November while I'm busy writing other stuff!

Only my blog has been a bit neglected and I've only just remembered they were here ready and waiting all along...

Writing pieces together my broken heart
Still broken? Not quite mended but...
Not so fragile, two years gone
Two years? Distant memories tenderly recalled
My heart still chipped, forever flawed
But still living, breathing, writing, mending

Anyone else fancy playing? Just six words will do, tell me about your day, your state of mind. A funny story would be good.


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    1. should be writing but still procrastinating!

  2. met my man surfing......the internet!