Thursday, 8 November 2012

NaNoWriMo week 1 sneak peek....

Everyone seems to be flashing a little bit of their NaNo works in progress. You know me, I can't resist joining in the fun and it is only fair as I have read some great pieces by other writers I follow - my admiration for their work constantly grows along with their word counts!

This was written on one of my more productive days when the words just flowed out of nowhere, it's the voices in my head finally released - hahahehe 

Just remember this is Nano, unedited words, pre first draft if you like. I seriously want to get in there and play around with my sentence structure, tweaking words for the next hour of so but I will resist in order to write more...

This morsel of 150 words is from chapter 3ish just before things in the fractured world I have created start to explode and new and powerful characters arise from the devastation.

“How is your daughter Victoria? She is the same age as my cousin Esther, it’s a difficult age with them growing into young women and as you know I am her sole guardian.”

“Don’t waste too much of the Minister’s precious time Cai. I shall be watching, as the minister says this report needs to go out as soon as possible.” And with that Mealin sloped off satisfied that Cai was being polite asking about the future queen. 

There wasn’t much newsworthy to report there, he had handed those stories over to Entertainment Production. Information on Victoria’s favourite colour and flower was not important enough for him to be involved in. As for Cai’s niece until she was formally graded and assigned she was a nobody in his eyes. Worth is only determined by grading the extent of your productive capabilities, Mealin was a firm believer in this fundamental principle.


  1. It's all coming together isn't it Sarah! I love how you've transferred Esther's story so well to today, great work!

    1. Thanks Lisa, sometimes I think I'm just tying myself in knots and making more of a mess! Have some exciting stuff to write today if I can tear myself away from Twitter and Facebook and other people's blog posts - always the #NaNoRebel!

  2. ooo well you've got me interested, as I've said before not read Esther so no idea the story this is based on but intrigued as to Mealin and what his job is and how it will effect Esther.

    Keeping Writing, it will all come together in the end.

  3. What an interesting snippet. I love the idea of being "graded" on implied worth. very interesting.