Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Grow Your Own - part 2 – the result

You may remember on Thursday I started a little experiment to see it I could grow my own handsome prince – well it couldn’t turn out any worse than my hapless attempt at online dating. 

The packaging even promised that if a prince didn’t materialise I would at least be left with a really cute frog.

I dropped him in water and have waited for longer than the required 72 hours.


Hmmm – I’m not sure he’s that cute now he’s expanded, something about his shifty eyes! He’s certainly NOT a handsome prince in my book.

Around the same time I picked a plain green stalk from the garden which I also added to water. This was the result after the same amount of time had passed.

First beautiful daffodil from the garden

Once more God and nature have triumphed over woman desperately trying to get her own way!

And somehow that W word springs to mind again...

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